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Egyptian TV Anchor Leaves Job Protesting Biased Pro-Mubarak Coverage

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cairo - (PanOrient News) An Egyptian news caster decided to leave her job at al Nile TV, a government-owned network, in protest over "the lack of professional standard and biased coverage of the uprising against President Hosni Mubarak."

Suha al-Nakkash, who has been working at al-Nile for 20 years, said she reported in five news bulletins on Jan. 26, the second day of the mass demonstrations against Mubarak, "that Cairo streets were quiet," but in fact the streets were full of demonstrators", she said.

Al Nakkash said she will not return to work at that channel because the coverage provided didn't meet even the lowest standard of professionalism and balanced reporting.

She noted that during the daily breaks at the office, she and her colleagues watched other networks to see what was going on in the streets of Egypt.

About 8 million Egyptians reportedly took to the streets in Egypt on Tuesday (Feb. 1) demanding the resignation of President Mubarak.

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