"Japan Calls for End to Violence in Libya"       "US Forces Join Search for Disappeared Japanese Pilot"       "NGOs Lay Blame on Japanese Banks for Fossil Fuel Funding"       "Japan’s Abe Explains REIWA, New Imperial Era Name"       "Saudi Ambassador Presented Credentials to Japan's Emperor Akihito, Last of Era"      

Japan Calls for End to Violence in Libya

Friday, April 12, 2019

Tokyo-(PanOrient News) Japan condemned the recent violence in Libya in a statement Thursday, calling for a U.N.-led political process to ease conflict in the country. In the statement, Foreign Press Secretary Takeshi Osuga said that Japan was “deeply concerned that violence has been claiming many lives and caused injuries” around Tripoli since April 5.

The forces of a strongman, Khalifa Hifter, led a surprise attack on the city a week ago, and the fighting since has reportedly left dozens...

US Forces Join Search for Disappeared Japanese Pilot

Thursday, April 11, 2019

File photo of F-35

Tokyo-(PanOrient News) U.S. forces in Japan said they were supporting search efforts after a pilot from the Japan Air Self Defense Force went missing yesterday.

Wreckage from the fighter jet was found today, which lost contact and crashed Tuesday evening while flying east of Misawa in northern Japan. However, the pilot is still missing and the reason for the crash remains unclear.

Concerns have been raised about the possibility of China or Russia finding the aircraft first. Some worry that...

NGOs Lay Blame on Japanese Banks for Fossil Fuel Funding

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tokyo-(PanOrient News) Climate-focused NGOs pointed fingers at Japanese banks for not doing more to stop fossil fuel financing on Monday, following the release of a report examining the role of major banks around the world in supporting the fossil fuel sector.

“As climate change impacts worsen, Japanese banks are facing increasing international scrutiny for their financing of coal power and other fossil fuels around the world,” said Greenpeace Japan, Rainforest Action Network and 350.org ...

Japan’s Abe Explains REIWA, New Imperial Era Name

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe explained the long-awaited name of Japan’s next imperial era in a statement on April 1 by quoting the poetry anthology the name Reiwa was taken from.

“‘In this auspicious month of early spring, the weather is fine and the wind gentle. The plum blossoms open like powder before a mirror while the orchids give off the sweet scent of a sachet,’” quoted Abe from the “Manyoshu”?the oldest poetry anthology in Japan.

He add...