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Egyptian Soothsayer 2011 Predictions: Middle East War, and Obama Falls Ill

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) The Arabic media extensively covered the "predictions" of Mohamed Faroun, the self-proclaimed, Egyptian astrolologer, about world affairs for the year 2011. In an interview with Ilaph, a popular Saudi news website that is based in London, Faroun predicted that the world will witness more violence in 2011, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, while the US President Obama will fall ill.

Mohamed Faroun, who predicted correctly Spain would win the 2010 World Cup, and Israel would launch a war on Lebanon in 2006, said that a Gulf Arab country "would be saddened by the loss of a top person, and Israel will escalate its military attacks against occupied Palestine”.

Additional bad news seems to be awaiting Arab countries, according to Faroun’s predictions for 2011 reported by the media. "More terrorist attacks on a large scale are planned against the Arab countries", and "a big war might break out in the Middle East." Furthermore, a major dispute will hit Iraq resulting in countless explosions all over the country. The U.S. occupation, meanwhile, will stay there, according to Faroun.

Faroun maintains that outside the Middle East, the picture doesn’t seem to be brighter and more bad news will continue to pour in .

He predicts that U.S. President Barak Obama "will have a health problem or/and an unexpected accident." A military escalation "is almost inevitable" between South and North Korea, and Pakistan will suffer more violence and explosions, and in Afghanistan, the NATO forces will be under "very painful” attacks, he said.

On the economic agenda, he predicts gold prices and also the price of a barrel of oil will skyrocket "to an unprecedented level". The world stock markets will not be immune, either. Stock prices will witness“a sharp free-fall".

Not only humans, but Nature, too, will unleash bad events in 2011. Faroun predicts a strong earthquake in Iran that will victimize thousands. Indonesia, as well, will be hit by hurricanes and mud-slides, leaving thousands homeless.

The bright side, however, is reduced prices for food and cars in 2011 all over the world, according to the predictions. Also, some Arabic countries“will reconcile".

Faroun said predicting the future is not a religious practice, but rather, based on astronomical calculation and science. He said there is a close link between the future of humans and the movements of stars and planets that change every year and leave a direct impact on the human life every 12 months.

Faroun is a well-known figure in the Arab World and his end-of-the-year predictions for the following year are covered extensively in the Arabic media. He claims he is married to a“female genie”.

Photo: Egyptian astrolologer M.Faroun. Courtesy of Ilaph.

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