Conservatives Rally to 'Protect' the Senkakus

Saturday, October 16, 2010

China Hand

Tokyo -- A large-scale anti-China protest occurred in Tokyo today, sparked by the recent ship collision incident in the Senkaku Islands.

According to one of the organizers of the rally, over 5,000 people gathered to protest in front of the Chinese Embassy. The event was organized by the "Ganbare Nippon! National Committee."

Besides many ordinary people, conservative commentators and politicians participated. The groups marched about 1.5 kilometers, starting near Nogizaka station to the Embassy of the People's Republic of China.

The rally was one of the largest conservative street protests on record.

Japanese national flags fluttered in the streets of business and shopping districts in Tokyo. Placards announced slogans like, "Japan's Freedom is in Danger," "Senkaku Islands belong to Japanese Territory," and "We Won't Forgive China's Invasion of the Senkaku Islands."

During the course of the march, some demonstrators demanded the release of the Japan Coast Guard video showing the initial encounter with the Chinese fishing boat.

"The DPJ must release the information," they chanted.

As the marchers approached the China Embassy, two young Chinese men tried to block the march with banners carrying a message saying, "Stop Promoting Harassment towards Chinese People in Japan."

The Japanese protestors were upset with the unexpected interference and shouted at the men, "Go back to China!" The two men were dragged away by police and put into a police car, probably for their own protection.

Kohyu Nishimura, a political writer who supported the rally, said, "This is a Japan's protest against the despotic regime of the Chinese Communist Party. China is a country where China-centric ideology and communism is combined. China invaded Tibet, Southern Mongolia, the Uighur lands, and now it is approaching Japan."

A 27-year-old internet blogger who made a speech at the rally told PanOrient News, "Regarding the Senkaku Islands problem, it is the same like Hawaii and Guam to the United States. Needless to say, the Senkakus are Japan's territory. Therefore, the problem should not exist. However, the Chinese are trying to make it a big problem."

Toshio Tamogami, the former chief of staff of Japan's Air Self-Defense Force, explained the significance of the protest march as follows: "Since Japan's government is not reliable, ordinary Japanese people have gathered to show our resolve to protect the Senkaku Islands."

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