Kan Announces 'Cabinet of Words and Deeds'

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Naoto Kan

Tokyo -- Prime Minister Naoto Kan held a press conference late Friday night in which he announced the formation of the "Cabinet of Words and Deeds."

Kan explained that the first year of DPJ rule had been characterized by "trial and error," but from now the government would respond to the people's expectations for concrete action.

Above all, that action must focus on reviving the Japanese economy, the prime minister said.

Kan stressed that, from his point of view, there are now 412 members of the cabinet, meaning that the party organization and the government would work together as one.

The prime minister insisted that he chose his cabinet members according to the criteria that "the appropriate person is put in the appropriate post."

When reporters asked him if he had deliberately swept Ozawa supporters out of the cabinet, he strongly denied it, pointing to the youth of many Ozawa faction members, and noting that he took Ozawa's advice into consideration when making his cabinet picks.

Kan also accused the media of trying to aggravate matters and stir up controversy.

As for Ichiro Ozawa and Azuma Koshiishi, who both turned down Kan's offer to become Acting Presidents of the ruling party - a mostly ceremonial position - he explained that Ozawa rejected the post because he is "too tired" after the fierce leadership race, and Koshiishi is too focused on his legislative duties in the upper house.

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