Cheerleader Gets Mugged

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Tokyo -- Indonesian pirates have struck again! This time they boarded a ten-thousand ton Japanese auto transport ship and successfully robbed the crew near Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, as it was heading from Kobe to Jakarta.

The name of the ship: Cheerleader.

No one was injured in the Friday night attack - although the nineteen crew members were captured and bound by the pirates to allow them to make their escape.

The Cheerleader is operated by Nippon Yusen KK, flies a Panamanian flag of convenience.

The captain of the ship is a Japanese national, while the crew is predominantly Filipino.

The Ministry of Transport reckons that this is the tenth pirate attack on a Japanese ship this year.

On September 5th, the crew of the Chemroad Luna was robbed while passing near Indonesia's Mangkai Island.

At the beginning of this month, the International Maritime Bureau urged the Indonesian government to increase patrols in light of an upswing in incidents of piracy.

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