Marriott Executive Offers Advice for Doing Business in Japan

Thursday, November 28, 2019

By Allison Pestotnik

Tokyo – (PanOrient News) Karl Hudson, the newly appointed area vice president of Japan and Guam for Marriott International, suggested learning Japanese proverbs and gaining a deep knowledge of the local culture when offering advice to other foreign executives assigned to work in Japan.

“Some experience in another Asian country would help but it is very important to develop an understanding of the local culture,” said Hudson in an interview with the JATA International Newsletter, put out by the Japan Association of Travel Agents. “Learning Japanese proverbs has helped me to get a better understanding of it.”

Hudson said it was fascinating to see how Japanese proverbs translate into English and added that it is handy to have a local advisor to explain concepts like “honne” and “tatemae,” words for the Japanese concept of one’s true feelings versus the face one displays to the public.

He also stressed the importance of respect in Japanese business culture, noting that there are numerous subtleties in expressing respect that take time to master.

“On the other hand, people expect sincerity and if you are sincere, Japanese people are very welcoming and forgiving of your mistakes in speaking Japanese,” he added.

Marriot International is reportedly aiming to rapidly increase its number of Japanese locations, with plans for about 100 properties to be in operation in the next five years. Prior to his current appointment, Hudson has worked all around the Asia-Pacific, including in China, Thailand, the Philippines and Australia. (PanOrient News)

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