Japan Calls for End to Violence in Libya

Friday, April 12, 2019

Tokyo-(PanOrient News) Japan condemned the recent violence in Libya in a statement Thursday, calling for a U.N.-led political process to ease conflict in the country. In the statement, Foreign Press Secretary Takeshi Osuga said that Japan was “deeply concerned that violence has been claiming many lives and caused injuries” around Tripoli since April 5.

The forces of a strongman, Khalifa Hifter, led a surprise attack on the city a week ago, and the fighting since has reportedly left dozens dead. It has also included an airstrike on a civilian airport and led to the cancellation of a planned U.N. peace conference.

“Japan calls on all parties concerned to stop immediately all military operations,” continued Osuga in his statement. “There is no military solution to the conflict in Libya.”

Militias have been competing for control of the country, and especially the two main cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, since then-dictator el-Qaddafi was killed in 2011. Osuga said that Japan believed that a political process involving participation from all parties was necessary to stabilize the country.

“Japan will support the UN-led political process in order to realize it, and cooperate with efforts of the international community,” he added.

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