North Koreans in Japan Celebrate Foundation of DPRK

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Chairman Ho Jong Man Gives his speech

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) The North Korean community in Japan celebrated the 68th anniversary of the DPRK’s founding on Thursday at a reception held at the headquarters of the Association of North Koreans in Japan, considered to be the de-facto embassy of North Korea in Tokyo.

Guests from Japan's political parties, business, academics, foreign diplomats along with the media attended the event catered with Korean food and music.

Mr. Ho Jong Man, Chairman of the association, gave a political speech reflecting the policies of Byong Yang criticizing the policies of the United states, Japan and South Korea toward the DPRK.

He quoted "Chairman Kim Jong-un" as saying, "Our nuclear military power's real enemy is nuclear war itself“. He also said that with its strong nuclear deterrence, the DPRK is determined to put an end to the nuclear war crisis posed by the US targeting the DPRK, and will bring about peace in the region and to the world.

The DPRK conducted a nuclear test the day following this event.

Chairman Ho also criticized South Korean administration by saying, "Although the DPRK called on South Korea to have dialogue and entente to ease military tension, the US and South Korea conducted joint military training in spring and summer this year based on the senario of the 'occupation of Pyongyang' and 'beheading mission’. The US prepared all kinds of nuclear arms for the trainings. The nuclear threats imposed on DPRK are impending and serious. "

The US and the Park administration agreed to install the THAAD (Terminal HIgh Attitude Area Defense) in South Korea, which Ho said is worsening the situation in the Korean peninsula.

Ho further said "The (South Korean President) Park Geun-hye administration still remains delusional for the 'fall out of DPRK’. It totally refuses to have dialogue with the DPRK, while it has been pathetically servile, asking other countries to enhance sanctions on the DPRK. Such a foolish approach against the unification of Korean peninsula and inciting clashes within the same ethnic group is already going under."

Ho then turned his attention toward Japan and its Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, saying "Although the Abe administration reached to the Stockholm agreement regarding to the abduction issue, which opened a door for dialogues, it one-sidedly terminated the agreement and decided to restore and enhance the sanctions against the DPRK in February.

He also accused Abe government of closing the door "to resolving the issue on its own” and claimed “Japan's political oppression, racial discrimination, and human rights violations of the Korean people in Japan and the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan are pushing Japan-DPRK relations to their worst level, which is very unfortunate”.

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