BollyWood Hot Star, Evelyn Sharma, Talks to Elfateh Merghani in Tokyo

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Evelyn Sharma, one of the brightest rising stars in Bollywood, has not only proven herself as a multi-talented actress, but also as an artist with great potential in entertainment and modeling. Her intense fan base describes her as “one of the best things ever to happen to Bollywood”.

PanOrient News interviewed Evelyn Sharma during her latest tour in Japan last month.

Elfateh Merghani: I would like you to talk with us a little about your visit to Japan. I understand that you are a part of a very gargantuan project.

Evelyn Sharma: Yes, in fact I’m here to do a fashion calendar with a very, very famous designer from India, Narendra Kumar and Miss World Japan.

Elfateh Merghani: I understand that you launched your acting career in 2006.

Evelyn Sharma: In 2006, I actually did just American movie, but in the Indian film industry now I am only three years, and now I am doing my tenth movie, so it has been quite a Journey.

Elfateh Merghani: Tell us how did you manage to penetrate Bollywood, I understand that it is a very tough establishment, but you seem to be doing things naturally and effortlessly.

Evelyn Sharma: Thank you. You know, I believe that a great actor is someone who can’t act at all. Because if you want to be natural on screen, you have to just know your craft, you have to know the tricks of the industry. You have to know how to be an actress, but real at the same time. So if you can’t act, then probably you are going to look amazing on the screen.

Elfateh Merghani: Have you taken acting lessons?

Evelyn Sharma:Yes. I went to Stella Adler Academy.

Elfateh Merghani: Who is your inspiration I mean your acting icon?

Evelyn Sharma: I have so many, like, I love Salma Hayek and I love Jenifer Aniston, because I love romcoms (ROMantic COMedy)… I love romantic comedy movies, and I think these girls, like Salma Hayek, for example you know, same as me, I speak with accent when I speak Hindi, but Salma Hayek speaks with an accent when she speaks English, and so she has established her own niche, I really admire her for that because: It is not all about knowing something perfectly, but just to make that imperfection perfect.

Elfateh Merghani: Tell us about being half German and Panjabi, did you find that quite advantageous in your acting career?

Evelyn Sharma: You know, growing up, I found that very confusing because it’s completely different: the German culture and the Panjabi culture and the Indian culture are so different. The Germans are very structured, very settled, very reserved and almost cold, you would see, if you would see them from outside, While the Panjabi are very loud, very emotional, very, you know, throwing around stuff and colors are everywhere. So growing up, I grew up in Germany, so I always wonder why am I so emotional, I grew up in Germany I always wonder why am I so emotional, why everyone calls me the drama queen, and I don’t know why, because I am so German. But when I went to India, I finally discovered myself, and I was like, oh Ok: I am dramatic because I am Indian.

Elfateh Merghani: I understand that you are into music and into modelling; I mean you seem to be into lots of talented fields. Tell us about that, where do you find yourself most, like, in acting or in modelling or in music?

Evelyn Sharma: See, I think as a creative person you need a lot of outlets, it is not that one thing that is going to satisfy you. Even though I love acting, it is still the instrument of the director, but I write scripts and I write music, so there I can be their own creator, and I think the greatest outlet… I think two things that satisfy me one is singing and one is dancing. So I am really happy that in Bollywood you can dance so much and that is one of my favorite things. Another outlet is my charity organization that I launched this year; Seams for Dreams, and it uses the universal love for fashion to get back to humanity. And I think that is one of my favorite outlets, and between my movies shoots and all the creative things I do, I work on my charity foundation. I am the managing director, and yeah, I’m extremely excited.

Elfateh Merghani: I think Last year you launched your own fashion line.

Evelyn Sharma: Like I said when you are a creative person, I make music I, design I do a lot of things, but, like in the end you have to focus on a couple of things, which are your main things. Definitely one is acting and one is my charity foundation.

Elfateh Merghani: Can you give us a hint about your forthcoming movie?

Evelyn Sharma: Yes. I can’t tell you too much. It is a relationship drama; it’s about… I am playing a model my life experience as a struggling model, which is very close to my life experience as a struggling model coming from nowhere really, and suddenly being a model and suddenly being in a foreign country, that journey of a model, like just realizing what you want in life. I think that comes across in this movie.

Elfateh Merghani: What is the negative thing about you that I can ask you about?

Evelyn Sharma:It is probably that I am really an emotional, which in real life does not work well in real life if you are overemotional person, but on screen it works really well. So again; Use your imperfection to be perfect.

Elfateih Merghani: Evelyn Sharma, thank you very much and we wish you all the best.

Evelyn Sharma: Thank you and very nice to meet you.

Elfateih Merghani is PanOrient News’ cultural editor.

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