A Syrian Tale of Love - Drowned in the Aegean Sea

Monday, January 25, 2016

Damascus - (PanOrient News) The first month of 2016 has been a month of tragedy for a number of Syrians who have drowned off the shores of Turkey whilst trying to flee to safety from their war-torn homeland.

One poignant tale was uncovered when a dairy of a Syrian girl was discovered on her body by a journalist after her boat sank. Reports say that 31 Syrian citizens lost their lives that day, January 5th, when waves swept into the ship in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Izmir, Turkey.

Despite being damaged by water, the dairy is a record of events, feelings and emotions over two years as one girl tried to follow the man she loved. She had first followed him to Damascus where his family had taken refuge. The boy and girl then traveled to Turkey where together, they had hoped to find a way to reach Europe. He had managed to travel to Germany but she remained behind.

The journal describes her feelings after parting from her lover and her hopes of meeting him at the end of the journey. Thus she began her ‘hope journey’. It is not clear why she remained behind but her grief swings between despair, anger and hope.

In one section she wrote, “One day you will read my lines and know my suffering and how much I love you. If our love story didn’t cause you pain and grief, then I have to forget you which is impossible. I missed you so much; my heart beats with your love. All I hope is to meet you again and hear your voice.. Why did you leave me after you made love with you? You may be living a new life with new people, and even with a new girl. But for me, I cannot forget you. I feel emptiness inside me... I will never feel love toward someone else as the love I have for you."

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