Ban Ki-Moon and his concerns

Sunday, January 17, 2016

By Fadwa Garcia

Damascus- (PanOrient News) If you live in one of the Arab countries where there are wars, killing and destruction and if you feel somewhat concerned, deeply concerned or extremely concerned this means you have “Ban Ki-Moon” syndrome, and will therefore make an ideal candidate for the position of UN Secretary General when the job becomes vacant in January 2017, Arab social media activists said.

As soon as Ban Ki-Moon, the present UN Secretary General, expressed his dismay over the recent execution of 47 people by Saudi Arabia, Arab social media announced, “Ban-Ki-Moon is back to express his concerns."

This was not the first time Arab social media activists have made fun of Ban Ki-Moon and his “profitable concerns”. In a humorous drawing called “Easiest job and highest salary”, they referred to his monthly salary of about US$ 35 thousand. Being paid to express concern is a job they say, that does not need any effort.

The sarcasm continued with an infograph that illustrated the number of times he became concerned in 2014 - 19 times over Israel and Palestine, 15 times over the Ukraine, 11 over Africa, 9 regarding Iraq, 7 concerns over Syria, 6 over Nigeria, 5 concerns for South Sudan and 4 over Mali. And 167 concerns in 2015. All in all one “concern” every two days or half a “concern” per day - US$ 583 per one “concern”.

It has been said that Ban Ki-Moon should be included in Guinness World records as the most concerned person in history!

Photo: An Arabic cartoon shows Ki-Moon listed recent concerns toward certain countries.

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