Toyota's New 'Crown Majesta' Sedan Launched in Japan

Monday, September 9, 2013

Toyota's New 'Crown Majesta' Sedan Launched in Japan

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) Toyota Motor Corporation announced the launch in Japan today of the new "Crown Majesta" sedan, that is being sold through "Toyota" dealers across Japan.

The new Crown Majesta is a premium car that was designed for the tastes of Japanese consumers and has been developed to offer the highest possible levels of satisfaction and enjoyment, Toyota said.

The Majesta is the highest grade of the Crown series, standing at the forefront of TMC's efforts to make ever-better cars. Offering highly refined performance and a well-established character suitable for the Toyota brand's top-end sedan, the Majesta—equipped with start-of-the-art features—seeks to take the lead in Japan's high-end car segment.

Features include a 3.5-liter hybrid system that combines exceptional environmental performance with outstanding driving characteristics, as well as an extended wheel base—75 mm longer than the "Royal" and "Athlete" —for more rear space and a more graceful and flowing side view.

The Majesta also now includes advanced safety and convenience equipment such as the Blind Spot Monitor and Pre-collision System. It features a 3.5-liter V6 Atkinson-cycle engine with next-generation D-4S (direct injection four-stroke gasoline engine, superior version) fuel injection technology. It also features improvements to the motor, inverter, and other major components and an exclusive rear-wheel-drive hybrid system that pursues the highest possible efficiency.

Fuel economy under the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) JC08 test cycle is 18.2 km/L, surpassing 2015 fuel economy standards by 20 percent. CO2 emissions are 128 g/km, and have been certified as 75 percent lower than 2005 standards under the MLIT's Approval System for Low-emission Vehicles. Therefore, the Majesta is eligible for reduced taxes under the Japanese government's tax system for environment-friendly vehicles, according to Toyota.

A lower-front grille shutter opens and closes according to vehicle speed and engine water temperature, thereby contributing to improved fuel economy by reducing air resistance and improving engine warm-up efficiency.

The addition of a typically low-noise hybrid system, along with a more rigid body, enhances the traditionally quiet cabin of the Majesta.

Other improvements to increase cabin quietness include a reinforced dashboard inner silencer to reduce engine noise transmission to the cabin, optimally placed sound-absorbing, sound-blocking and vibration prevention materials, and thicker glass for the rear doors and rear window.

Optional 18-inch wheels feature special sound-absorbing sponge tires that control vibration of the air in the tires, contributing to reduced road noise.

Additional spot welding points increase body rigidity and provide exceptional responsiveness with a solid road grip.

Open cross-section rear suspension arms divert vibration from the road surface for a more comfortable ride. In addition, offset tie rod ends in the front and toe-control arms on the rear provide both high vehicle stability and a smooth ride when steering.

The Majesta achieves high active safety and optimal driving performance thanks to Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) of various functions, including the engine, brakes, and steering. In addition, Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) and Electric Power Steering (EPS) optimally control the front wheel steering angle and steering torque to ensure vehicle stability.

The adoption of the Navigation/Artificial Intelligence-Adaptive Variable Suspension System (NAVI/AI-AVS) further enhances the quality of the ride. Electronically-controlled absorbers provide integrated control of vehicle behavior in tandem with the four wheels to create a flat ride and comfortable handling.

The crown-reminiscent grille emphasizes the low center of gravity and stable vehicle structure with a thicker front bumper, boldly-placed vertical bars, a lower position, and chrome ornamentation on the bottom edge.

Four powerful LED headlamps convey the intrepid stature of the Majesta. Black headlamp extensions and line-shaped smoked-blue illuminated clearance lamps further highlight the Majesta's uniqueness.

Rocker panels with chrome ornamentation showcase the Majesta's low center of gravity, while also emphasizing the sharp yet extended appearance of the side view.

The interior design incorporates shapes and handiwork infused with traditional Japanese aesthetic motifs (such as layers and overlapping patterns) that show refinement, contrasting with the modern Toyota Multi-Operation Touch control unit. The Majesta achieves a harmony between these aspects to deliver a progressive interior that integrates tradition with innovation.

Sunburst wood grain ornamentation patterned after zelkova tree growth rings and circular patterns can be found throughout the interior, with the steering wheel also layered with rigorously-selected leather for the highest quality texture possible.

Front seat backs feature the wood grain to create horizontal continuity with the rear seat door trim, emphasizing the Majesta's roominess. The rear seat center armrest and rear air conditioning vent covers are also ornamented with the wood grain pattern to give elegance to the rear of the cabin.

Rear seats are shaped to provide a sense of security with an enveloping design, and also feature a trim extending to shoulder height to accentuate design continuity.

Rear doors are illuminated and change color to provide rear seat passengers with a relaxed environment suited to different situations, such as during vehicle ingress and egress, as well as when driving.

Seat coverings are available in two types of leather, Black and Flaxen, to provide an air of luxury with high-quality, elegant fabric.

The wheel base has been extended 75 mm to increase rear leg and knee space for superior comfort.

With a minimum turning radius of 5.3 m, a body length of 4,970 mm, and a width of 1,800 mm, the Majesta was designed with a focus on maneuverability.

By placing the hybrid battery in the front of the trunk and the secondary battery under the floor, the Majesta offers an ample cargo space with a flat deck that can accommodate up to four golf bags. Furthermore, an additional luggage box under the cargo space can also hold a sports bag or other items.

The Majesta comes standard with a Blind Spot Monitor, which uses radar to detect nearby vehicles in difficult-to-monitor areas and alerts the driver should a vehicle be detected.

Also standard is the Adaptive High Beam System for the headlamps. The system automatically adjusts the area of illumination to prevent high beams from shining on preceding and approaching vehicles, thereby avoiding the inadvertent hindering of other drivers' vision.

Available as an option, the Panoramic View Monitor integrates images from cameras mounted on each vehicle side to offer a comprehensive, composite view of surroundings on the navigation system display. The display is automatically adjusted based on gear-stick operation, with the system also able to display enlarged views of the areas near the vehicle's four corners.

The Tire Pressure Warning System (TPWS), which monitors and displays tire air pressure status on the Mutli-Information Display, comes standard. The system also allows two different settings, so that varying pressures for different weather or seasons can be accommodated.

Also available is the Pre-collision System (with millimeter-wave radar) that is effective at the relative speeds at which more than 90 percent of rear-end accidents occur. If the system detects a high likelihood of a collision, an alert is emitted while the automatic Pre-collision Brake Assist and Pre-collision Brakes are activated in an attempt to prevent7 or mitigate a collision.

The Intelligent Clearance Sonar6 detects obstacles when starting off in a parking lot or other structure, and emits an alert while controlling engine and motor output according to the specific circumstances. Furthermore, in the event of pedal misapplication or excessive pedal application, the Intelligent Clearance Sonar can apply the brakes to mitigate damage from any collisions that may occur.

Standard on all grades is the Pop-up Hood, which--in the unfortunate event of a collision with a pedestrian--instantly raises the rear of the hood to reduce the force of impact to the pedestrian's head.

The F version has independently controlled full-auto air conditioning that allows temperatures to be set separately for the driver, front passenger, and the rear seats.
Air conditioning can also be set to focus on the front seats or even to concentrate on the driver seat if there is no occupant detected in the passenger seat.

Front seats and the steering wheel come standard with heaters. The F version adds 40/20/40 split heated rear power seats.

Photo: Crown Majesta F version (with options)

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