Huge LNG Tanker Makes First Japan Delivery

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Tokyo -- A Q-Max LNG tanker, the largest in the world, has just delivered its first cargo to the Chita Terminal in Aichi Prefecture.

The tanker - named Mozah - is owned Qatargas, Japan's most important supplier of LNG.

Qatargas' Q-Max LNG carriers are capable of delivering more than 260,000 cubic meters of LNG during a single voyage, about 50%-80% more than conventional LNG tankers.

The Mozah left Qatar on June 19 and arrived in Japan after a 24-day voyage.

The tanker was built by Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea and launched in 2008.

It is equipped with the largest membrane containment tanks ever built.

Qatargas expects to launch a fleet of 14 Q-Max tankers in the coming years.

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