CASIO New Electronic Dictionary Helps Learning both English and Business

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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Tokyo- (PanOrient News) Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced it will release the “XD-D8600”, a new EX-word electronic dictionary—Japan’s best-selling electronic dictionary—on August 7.

The “XD-D8600” includes new vocabulary to help pass the TOEIC test, Kikutan Business audio business English learning tool, as well as new business terminology dictionaries, Casio said noting that this is all designed to help business people work and study whether at the office, at home or while commuting.

Four other new EX-word models will be also released according to the company.

The “XD-D6600” model includes an illustrated guide to wild birds and insects, while the “XD-D4850” is designed for high school students. It includes a guide to English grammar as well as vocabulary required for the English proficiency exam.

“XD-D3850” is a model for junior high school students that includes a Japanese dictionary as well as vocabulary required for the English proficiency exam.

The fourth model, “XD-SC5000”, includes Japanese, English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries, as well as an almanac of seasonal words for haiku poetry.

All new dictionaries are designed with tough “Totally Advanced Force Control Technology (TAFCOT)”, which helps protect them from the impact of being dropped, pressure and vibration.

Photo: XD-D8600 (Orange)

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