Toyota's ‘RAV4 EV’, Jointly Developed with Tesla, Unveiled

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced that Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A, Inc. (TMS), unveiled the Toyota “RAV4 EV”—an all electric compact SUV jointly developed with California, United States-based Tesla Motors, Inc. (Tesla)- at the 26th International Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles, California.

The RAV4 EV—based on the Toyota “RAV4” compact SUV and fitted with a Tesla electric powertrain—achieves a real-world cruising range of approximately 100 miles (approx. 160 km).

The vehicle is scheduled for launch in late summer 2012 in California with a planned manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 49,800 U.S. dollars.
TMS plans to sell approximately 2,600 units over the next three years. the company said.

In May 2010, Tesla and TMC reached a basic agreement to work together on the development of electric vehicles and their related components, production systems and production engineering.

In response, engineers from Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA), Tesla and TMC soon started joint vehicle development, leading to the unveiling of a concept vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2010. Now, approximately two years since the Tesla-TMC collaboration began, the RAV4 RAV4 EV

EV will make its market debut. Production will be carried out at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, Inc. (TMMC) in Woodstock, Ontario.

TMC said it is working to limit fossil fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions through the promotion of gasoline-alternative energy sources, such as electricity.

TMC began sales of a Prius-based plug-in hybrid vehicle in Japan and the U.S. in early 2012, with a European launch scheduled this summer. An all-electric vehicle based on the “iQ” ultra-compact is also planned for launch in Japan, North America and Europe within this year.

RAV4 EV main specifications include lithium-ion battery type with drive capacity of 41.8 kWh and charging time approx. 6 hours (at 240 V/40 A).

Photo: RAV4 EV

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