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Japan Condemns the ``Palestinian Military Attacks Against Israelis``

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) Japan today condemned "the attacks by a Palestinian military group against Israelis that took place on August 18 and caused a number of deaths and casualties."

A statement by the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo said that Japan is "deeply concerned about the situation in which rocket attacks by Palestinian militants against Israel, and the retaliatory actions of Israel’s military, have caused death and injuries among civilians in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The statement added that Japan sends condolences to the bereaved families, and calls upon both Israel and Palestinian militants to exercise maximum self-restraint and avoid further death and injuries.

The Foreign Ministry noted that Japan is convinced that the problems which people in the Middle East face can never be solved through violence but only through negotiations and efforts to build mutual trust among the parties to the conflict. The statement called on "all the parties concerned to make the utmost efforts to that end."

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