Strong earthquake sways building in northern Japan, Tokyo

Saturday, May 1, 2021

PanOrient News

TOKYO: A strong earthquake struck northern Japan on Saturday, swaying buildings as far south as Tokyo but there was no risk of a tsunami.

The Japan Metrological Agency said the magnitude of the temblor was 6.6 at its epicenter in the Pacific Ocean just off the east coast of Japan. The quake struck at a depth of 60 kilometers.

National broadcaster NHK showed building shaking strongly in Miyagi Prefecture, which was hit hard in the 9.0 quake that damaged much of the region in 2011.

Much of the same area was shaken by Saturday’s earthquake, which reached a level of 5-plus on the Japanese scale (7 on a 10-point scale). TV channels showed clips where shelves of offices and shops shook violently.

No damage was reported at the nuclear power stations in the region. The crippled Fukushima plant that was partially destroyed after the 2011 quake is south of the epicenter but no further damage was reported.

In Tokyo, large buildings moved dramatically but there was no danger as the impact was relatively low.

The Prime Minister’s Office set up a crisis management to monitor the impact of the earthquake.

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