Morocco pointedly rejects South Africa’s invitation to BRICS meeting

Sunday, August 20, 2023

PanOrient News

RABAT: Morocco has turned down South Africa’s invitation to the August 24 BRICS/ Africa meeting and refused to have anything to do with it, according to a Moroccan Foreign Ministry source.

The source said the future of Morocco's relations with the BRICS group “will fall within the general framework and strategic orientations of the Kingdom's foreign policy,” adding that multilateral platforms should not be used to encourage division or interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states.

That was a reference to South Africa’s perceived “hostility” towards Morocco, with the source referring to South Africa’s “notoriously malicious actions against Morocco's higher interests."

The source referred to “deliberate and provocative breaches of protocol” that marked Morocco's invitation to the BRICS meeting, as well as the “arbitrary” invitation sent by South Africa to certain groups.

“It became clear that South Africa was going to hijack this event from its nature and purpose, to serve a hidden agenda,” the source said, adding that South Africa had “assumed an authority” to talk about Morocco and its relationship with the BRICS.

Morocco maintains substantial and promising bilateral relations with the other four members of the BRICS Group – Brazil, India, Russia and China – and is even linked to three of them by Strategic Partnership Agreements, but it has not sought to become a member of the group.

"There is as yet no framework or precise procedures governing the expansion of this grouping," says the foreign ministry source.

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