Casio Comes Out with New Carbon Fiber Watches

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Tokyo – (PanOrient News) Casio revealed the newest additions to its G-SHOCK line this month: two mid-sized watches with designs that promote their high-tech functionality and promise to be lightweight but strong.

The Tokyo-based electronics giant announced on Sept. 4 the arrival of the MTG-B1000XBD, which is black with red accents, and the MTG-B1000XB, which looks similar but is black with blue accents. They are both part of the G-SHOCK brand’s MT-G series of watches, which the company says makes the most of the properties of both metal and resin.

What Casio hopes will set these watches apart is their durable but light carbon fiber bezels. The company refers to carbon fiber as the “third material” after metal and plastic and says that it has overcome challenges in molding and cutting the hard material to construct the watches’ complex bezel features.

Other specifications of the shock-resistant watches include smartphone connectivity and solar-powered radio control, in addition to water resistance of up to 200 meters, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, an alarm, a full auto-calendar and LED light.

The 171-gram, red-accented MTG-B1000XBD has a durable band made from resin parts. Meanwhile, the 112-gram, blue-accented MTG-B1000XB comes with a softer urethane band.

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