Israel has 10 nuclear weapons, Japan report says

Saturday, July 1, 2023

PanOrient News

NAGASAKI- Japan: TOKYO: Israel has 10 nuclear warheads, according to Nagasaki University’s Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition (RECNA). It’s a number, as with many other nuclear powers, that has been increasing in recent years.

The Asahi newspaper reported RECNA’s findings that showed there are 12,520 warheads in the world.

While some have recently been “retired” or dismantled, the number of active nuclear warheads has increased from 9,251 in 2018 to 9,587 in 2023, according to RECNA.

The figures are based on government documents, data from the U.S. Federation of American Scientists, and other sources.

As for the world’s superpowers, America has 5,244 total nuclear warheads and Russia 5,890, which represents 2,166 lower than that for 2018.

However, newer nuclear powers saw rises, including 410 in China, 164 in India and 170 in Pakistan.

RECNA says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is prompting Washington and Moscow to upgrade their aged nuclear arsenals.

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