Poor Marks for Kan Diplomacy

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kan Diplomacy

Tokyo -- As anticipated, the Japanese public is less-than-impressed with Prime Minister Naoto Kan's handling of the Senkaku crisis. According to a new public opinion poll out today, the Kan administration has seen a sharp drop in overall support from 64.2% down to 48.5%.

Fully 81.4% of Japanese saw Kan's handling of the dispute with China as being "weak-kneed."

It should be noted, however, that the same poll did not show any significant spike in support for the main opposition LDP, which has furiously criticized the lack of firmness in the government's approach.

The Kan administration are not the only ones who took a big hit in the Sankei Shinbun-Fuji News Network poll: China too has emerged with a sullied image.

79.7% of the Japanese respondents said that the Senkaku affair had darkened their image of China. Moreover, 83.1% agreed with the statement that "China is untrustworthy" and 71.5% agreed that "China threatens Japan's security."

Only 7% of Japanese now say that they feel trust toward China.

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