Elegant ‘22 Kisses’ by Syrian Artist Tries to Bring Arab Unity

Friday, September 7, 2018

Randa Ge Hijazi

By Elfateh Merghani

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) The Canadian-based Syrian artist Randa Ge Hijazi launched her international collection of private paintings titled “22 Kisses” at the Afkar Art Alhamra Gallery in Beirut, Lebanon.

The exhibit, running from Aug. 30 to Sept. 30, was attended by a large number of visitors including ambassadors, politicians, media figures, friends, art lovers and critics.

Talking to PanOrient News via Skype, artist Randa, who has received a number of awards, said, “I was over the moon that the 22 Kisses Exhibition has received such a wonderful reaction in Beirut, a city reputed for its passion for beauty, art and news media glitz.”

Kushite king

Explaining the title “22 Kisses,” she said, “I meant to bring the Arab world together by picking a fistful of dust from each of the 22 countries, which represent the beautiful mosaics of our world.”

Among her collection, Randa displays the 8th century B.C. King Piankhi, also called Piye, who is known as a great Kushite king and a symbol of one of Sudan’s splendid eras in memorable history.

On how she thinks the “22 Kisses” exhibit can make a difference and reunite the Arab world, artist Randa said, “My contribution is less than a drop in the ocean, and I hope it signals that there’s a lot more love there to share than hatred and war.”

Not surprisingly, as with Randa’s previous exhibitions, the elegantly titled “22 Kisses” has attracted widespread media coverage and admiration on social media. Furthermore, she was hosted by various talk shows and TV cultural programs.

Elfateh Merghani is PanOrient News senior editor

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