Greenpeace Comes Out Against EU-Japan Trade Deal

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tokyo – (PanOrient News) Greenpeace International called on the European Union and Japanese parliaments to reject the EU-Japan trade deal that was signed by the Japanese government and the European Commission on July 17 in Tokyo.

Greenpeace International’s senior political strategist, Shira Stanton said in a statement that such trade deals “smack of corporate protectionism” at the expense of democracy, social rights and environmental protection.

EU and Japanese officials touted the deal as a win for free trade and stable, rule-based politics at a time when political and trade alliances have come under fire by the Trump administration and supporters of Brexit.

Stanton, however, said that these kinds of trade agreements were not the correct response to protectionism, adding that “only enhanced international cooperation that prioritizes people and the planet can help solve the pressing problems of our time, like climate change, inequality and conflict.”

The deal, one of the world’s biggest, will likely come to force from 2019 and will eliminate almost all tariffs on Japanese goods in the EU. The European food sector, including producers of cheese and wine, stand to benefit from the deal, as do Japanese automakers.

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