BIG CLAPPER Lives for the Applause

Thursday, July 12, 2018

By Allison Pestotnik
Tokyo – (PanOrient News) A clapping robot has been developed in Japan to satisfy all who need more applause and affirmation in their lives, including but not limited to dictators and shop owners.

Looking like a red balloon with fish lips and cartoon hands, BIG CLAPPER is designed to attract attention to storefronts or simply encourage people by clapping and calling out phrases like “well-done!” in a high-pitched, robotic voice.

All BIG CLAPPER needs is a power source to make anyone feel more important with its unrelenting ovations. Its other skills include clapping along to music and learning new phrases that users can record on a smartphone app.

Masato Takahashi, the designer of BIG CLAPPER and the head of BYE BYE WORLD Inc., is currently trying to internationalize the rosy robot via a crowdfunding campaign to develop an English-language version.

BIG CLAPPER is only the latest iteration of Takahashi’s idea for a clapping machine, a project he has been working on since graduate school. Still in the spirit of his original idea, Takahashi says that BIG CLAPPER is attempting to “generate fun and glee for all mankind.”

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