Syrian Football Mission's Chief: We Feel Sorry for Hotaru Yamaguchi's Injury

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tokyo- (Pan Orient News) Dr. Maher Khayata, Vice-President of the Syrian General Sports Federation and Vice-President of the Syrian Olympic Committee, expressed wishes for a speedy recovery to Japanese footballer Hotaru Yamaguchi who was injured during Japan's match against Syria on Tuesday and hopes he will recover quickly.

In a statement to Pan Orient News at Narita Airport in Tokyo ahead of the Syrian team’s departure from Japan, Dr. Khayata said that he considered the collision between the Japanese footballer and Syria’s Khalid al-Mobayed was "not intentionally rough; such collisions happen in matches."

According to Kyodo News on Wednesday, the Japan Football Association said that the Japan midfielder suffered a broken nose and left eye socket and will be sidelined indefinitely after being head-butted when he jumped for a high ball with Khalid during the second half of Japan's 5–0 win against Syria in a World Cup qualifier on Tuesday.

Yamaguchi was stretchered off the field, while he was bleeding profusely. He had to cancel his flight back to Germany, and it is not known when he will be able to return to play in the Bundesliga, according to a statement issued by Japan Football Association in Tokyo.

Dr. Khayata said Khalid expressed deep regret for what happened and did not play rough deliberately. He expressed sincere hopes for Yamaguchi’s speedy recovery and a rapid return to play.

"It has been a good opportunity for us to play a match with the glittering Japanese team, whose results are worthy of the reputation of the advanced Japanese soccer has on the Asian continent that bind us together," Dr. Khayata said.

Khayata said that he did not expect his Syrian team to be defeated 5-0. He said also “the first goal shocked us because the ball struck the head of our defender after the goalkeeper repelled it and it cannoned back into the net. "It was a very simple mistake that frustrated our team ... In games with strong teams, such simple mistakes happen and lead to negative consequences."

Photo: Dr. Khayata, right, and Khalid at Narita airport- PanOrient News photo

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