Only Women Allowed to Work at Lingerie Shops in Saudi Arabia

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Riyadh- (PanOrient News) Saudi Labor Ministry ordered stores of women products, such as underwear "lingerie", cosmetics, accessories, ready-made clothing stores, gowns and shoes, to employ females only, and particularly Saudi national.

The Ministry spokesman told local media that female workers have to cover their head and body “according to the Islamic law,” and talk modestly with customers.

The new law also ordered that female workers in such stores should not be seen from the outside. Men also are not permitted to enter such stores and security guards or electronic monitoring security system will be in place to detect offenders.

Penalties will be imposed on offenders of this law, the ministry warned.

In Saudi Arabia, it is prohibited to have employees of different sex work in the same room.

There are 36,000 Saudi businesswomen, with their companies’ represent 4.3% of the total number of private sector companies. Volume of their investment in the Saudi market equals 3 billion riyals and stocks owned by women deposited in banks and not used in other investments reached 375 billion riyals, data from Council of Commerce and Industry Chambers in Riyadh showed.

Saudi Ministry of Trade and Industry said there are no restrictions on women's commercial activities, and that cabinet resolution 120 gives Saudi women equal job opportunities.

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